Necromantic – Love of the Undead

Although few people in the scene identify as such, a recent rash of necrophiliacs have appeared oozing out of the woodwork. The current generation of twenty somethings, having grown up on gory zombie flicks like ‘Dawn of the Dead’, have an usually strong love of zombies. It’s unusually to go to an adult Haloween party without seeing at least a few people arrayed as zombies-and typically at least one woman will dress as a “sexy” zombie: lots of skin showing (green skin), vampishly ghoulish make-up, and a penchant for nibbling on heads. Some towns, such as Salem, Massachusetts, have taken to holding zombie Halloween parades.

Some of these necromantics even cross their slight zombie fetishes with burlesque: the Living Dead Girlz is a burlesque troop with a zombie theme, and many burlesque troops will include an occasional zombie dance. There are also a few burgeoning erotica sites that cater specifically for men who like their women in shades of pale blue and green, with carefully placed chunks of gore. It came from the afterlife to turn you on!! Although not technically dead, a deep-love of the reanimated counts as a form of necromance. With floods of zombie movies coming out, it’s clear that young adults’ love of zombies isn’t fading away anytime soon.

And, while the old school cheese flicks like “Evil Dead” are being phased out in favor for newer, more modern adaptations on the zombie concept such as “28 Days Later”, the filmmakers still know who they’re catering to. In addition to a rise in scantily clad female zombies shuffling around in the crowd of the undead, there was also a recent film that shall remain unnamed where a man, unaware that his girlfriend had turned into a zombie, engaged in intimate relations with her that ended with a rather unfortunate…erm….biting accident. Expect to see many more sexy zombie babes at a theater with you, keeping the necromance alive.

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