Necromancy – Raising The Dead For Profit & Knowledge

People have always had a fascination with death. Although death is a part of life, it is an area of mystery and the unknown. The entertainment industry certainly notices the interest in death, and capitalizes upon viewer interest. From shows that portray real, unscripted death, such as the First 48, to shows in which people have the ability to bring people back from death, such as Pushing Daisies, death sells. Pop culture also taps into raising the dead in successful movies and novels, such as the very popular Frankenstein and zombie thrillers. Even a child’s movies touches on this subject.

In Aladdin, one of the things the Genie absolutely cannot do is bring people back from the dead. Pop culture is not the only entity intrigued by death and raising the dead. There is a host of scientists, corporate groups and cultures probing death and suspended animation. Modern necromancy is basically the manipulation of death, and is practiced in many cultures and religions. The Macumba of Brazil practice Necromancy, as well as religions like Santeria and traditions such as Voodoo. There are scientists out there that have acquired the ability to have a living thing die, that is no heartbeat, brain activity, etc, and bring them back to life hours after.

They are testing blood replacements as a method to revive the body. Or put a living being into a form of suspended animation, without oxygen, and bring them back to life. Cryogenics are always being widely tested and researched, just like one would have seen on the television show Futurama. Basically, they inject cooled saline into the body and drop your temperature, and there are hopes that this may become a norm for bringing dead patients back to life. There are similarities between all these groups in their desire to understand and manipulate death, but are very different in perception of death and the approaches to necromancy and raising the dead for profit and knowledge.

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